Colorado Outdoor Water Regulation Guide

If you're a contractor working in the field you need to know what ordinances and regulations apply to your job site. Getting it wrong could cost you time and money.

But finding the right rules means searching websites or calling various cities and water providers. That's time-consuming and often confusing to know whose rules apply.

Until now! The 'Colorado Outdoor Water Regulation Guide' is a one-stop-shop to find the "Right Rule, Right Now."  Get accurate, up-to-date information with the tap of a button!


  • Get instant access to regulations by entering the zip code for a job site
  • Easy interface to locate information by category such as irrigation, drought info, etc.
  • Stay current! Recieve notifications from water providers as they update rules

Download the H2ORegsCo app using the buttons below for both smartphones and tablets.

The Colorado Outdoor Water Regulation Guide app is owned by Colorado WaterWise and was made possible through a partnership between water providers and the green industry.

For any questions or feedback, please contact the developer, Halperin Creative, LLC at: